Tuesday, August 9, 2011

COLLECTION #28: Space Toys!

 It's Toy Tuesday!  I'm totally in love with my space toys. Ranging from a 1940s "Space Boy" flashlight to little '50s Jiggle Puzzles, they are so cute and colorful. Several of my toys are reproduction collectibles, but I love them just as much. So without further ado, enjoy!

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Robin said...

I had a tiny yellow rocket launcher toy (from a box of Cheerios) when I was four. I accompanied my mother to the Smart Set, where she was having her hair done, and was playing quietly with it in the waiting area, when I was spotted by Robert, the co-owner. He came to see what I was doing, and carried it into the salon area, where he proceded to fire it with such force that the rocket went up behind the mirror, never to be seen again. I bugged him about it for the next thirty years.
I also have a set of Space Shuttle toys, still in their blister packs, from taking my mom, grandmother and youngest niece to watch the second one land (I wasn't sure they could do it safely until I saw the first one come in on TV). As we sat in the predawn darkness at Edwards AFB, four generations, my grandmother told of reading about the Wright Brothers first flight, when she was a young schoolteacher.