Monday, August 22, 2011

COLLECTION #37: Vintage Table Linens

Today's collection is some (but not all) of my vintage table linens. I just love the fun patterns and cheerful images on these tablecloths and tea towels. As you can see, I gravitate toward reds, yellows and greens, and I especially love fruit and Mexican themed patterns. For those of you who wonder where I keep all these things... actually, only a couple of them are on display. Mostly I keep them in the storage space under the seat of our breakfast nook. But a couple of them are used in my displays, and I regularly use them on my table for festive meals. Every cinco de Mayo, I layer 3 or 4 Mexican themed cloths & tea towels on my table, along with my other Mexican "stuff". (You'll see those things in the months to come).

I intended to shoot all of my linens in one shot, but I have another category that needed it's own featured day and photographs, so I'll put that one up next week.  So, today, enjoy my little retro linen extravaganza!


Dawn said...

These are beautiful! Bright happy colors to set a mood.
Thank you for sharing!

Tiffany said...

Very pretty! Thanks for sharing your collection!

Barbara said...

Oh Stef - some of those would be so cute quilted. :)