Thursday, August 25, 2011

COLLECTION #40: Vintage Globes

I just LOVE globes... seeing the whole world on my shelf is so fun, and reminds me of my school days and my fascination with studying geography and peoples of different countries.  Do they still have globes on teacher's desks any more?
I have a few globes, and even more atlases and other map books, toys and puzzles. But I thought I'd share these with you since the new school year is upon us!
If I remember correctly, our family acquired the large globe on the right when we bought our 1964 Collier's Encyclopedias from my brother, who was selling them to make money for college. All of the others are of the 40s and 50s vintage, except for the smallest one in the center, which is a Christmas ornament from Restoration Hardware. Aren't they fun?
I did a layout awhile back about my maps and globes, I thought you might like to see it here:

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Goldielover said...

I only have one large globe, an early 1980s Cram Imperial which I've had since new, but one of your older ones looks like the one my brother had as a kid. I have a small one mounted on top of a pencil sharpener too. Love the Christmas ornament one. I have quite a collection of atlases, the earliest of which is undated (typical for a British book of that era) but is probably about 1920, as it includes a section on WWI. Always a firm favourite of mine are the old Reader's Digest atlases. We had a 1960s version when I was a kid, and once I had the money I bought a new one for myself in the late 1970s. Still have it.