Friday, August 19, 2011

COLLECTION #36: Greeting Cards

Here's a little grouping of a few of my many greeting cards. I love everything about old greeting cards: the fonts, the illustrations, the colors, even the sappy messages inside. These are from a variety of occasions & eras- birthday, get-well, friendship. I especially love the cute one from the 30s that folds out. It's so nice that I don't keep it in the box with the others, but keep it in my china cabinet with my favorite blue & white dishes.
Greeting cards are still popular today- although I rarely buy them myself (I generally make my own greeting cards, and have for most of my life), and it's amazing to me how little this industry has changed. Although the artwork & style may be different, people still enjoy poring over racks of cards, trying to find the perfect one for that special occasion. They seem quite pricey to me, but actually, they are probably right in line with the cost of everything. I save many of the greeting cards I've received through the years, and I'm sure some day, the cards of today will go into some future collector's treasure box.
 Collecting greeting cards and other ephemera is an inexpensive hobby. You can pick them up for a dollar or two at your local flea market or antique mall. It's a wonderful way to enjoy the artwork and greetings of days gone by.

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