Wednesday, June 6, 2012

COLLECTION #246: English Village Tea Set

I know, I know. It's Orphan Wednesday, and there's more than one thing here. But it's a SET. It's not exactly a collection, which implies gathering things together one or two at a time to add to a collection. So, I'll just do as I please, and post my little English Village Tea Set as a single item.

About 10 or so years ago, my Mom asked me where I was keeping the English village tea set she gave me years before. What? What English tea set? I wracked my brain. I couldn't remember any such set. She described it to me as little English cottages that were a teapot, cream pitcher, sugar container, etc. Nope. Didn't ring a bell.  She told me that she found it for me on her last trip to England, and knew I would like it, and why couldn't I remember it?  But alas, I didn't have it. As Mom prepared for her move from South Pasadena to Moorpark, we found the tea set, carefully packed away in her stuff. She had never given it to me! So, I happily added it to my vast collections, and it proudly rests in my china cabinet.

Here it is, soooooo cute. I have added the mark from the bottom of the pieces. I have no idea what this hallmark is, if anyone knows, please let me know!

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