Thursday, June 7, 2012

COLLECTION #247: Vintage Minnesota Postcards

This collection consists of postcards from my own family. Most of them were sent to my Grandma Ward (who was from Owatonna, Minnesota) from her family and friends left behind, when she married and moved to Oregon, then Idaho. They are all from the years 1910-1914 or so.  I also have quite a number of real photo postcards from the same family, same era, but I'm only featuring the commercial, location postcards today. 

The most fun thing about these postcards, is the handwritten messages on the back. I wish I could post them all here, but I don't think they would be very interesting to most of you. But I'm including a couple of them here. 

You gotta love a postcard sent to say, "Why in the world don't you write?" This was written by my Great Uncle's wife Dorris, to my Grandma in 1912- shortly after my Mom's birth. I think that might have had something to do with why Grandma wasn't writing much!


Diane said...

Very neat! I love the no street address, no zip code! What a different world!

Chris said...

I love looking at your collection, Stef!

Hubby asks why I have to hang on to them, I had no answer, but bought a postcard book (from Ebay) to give them a place of their own. They keep falling out so I put them in a box to take to the lake, so when he gets bored of the meager t.v. up there, he can sort and place them in clear envelopes to stick inside a little better. He may appreciate them after reading his late mom's card to the rest of the family way back in the 30's or his dd's card to him all the way from London when Princess Di got married in 1981. At least that's my plan!