Friday, June 22, 2012

COLLECTION #258: Vintage Billy Books

This is a fun little trio of books I didn't know I had! I try to keep all my vintage school books together by series and/ or publisher. Since I have nearly 500 of them, it's really hard to keep them all straight in my mind. I had the book called Billy Goes to School on display in a special area in my house, and I really wanted to share it, but I didn't have any other books in the series. But then I realized that I did! I just happened to look at one row of books, when I spotted two more Billy books!

What makes these books special, is that each of the three books in this series of Follet Social Studies books is from a different decade: one from the 1940s, one from the 1950s, and one from the 1960s.  They are early elementary books, probably 2nd semester first grade, and second grade.

Billy Goes to School was published in 1949. I love the sweet, typical 1940s style illustrations and stories.  This book looks to me to be a second grade level book.

Billy's Neighbors, is from 1957. The illustrations are much more stylized and modern, with very traditional stories and characters. Just look at Miss Dale's pearls! I really love the fun colors and design in this book.  I believe this book is 2nd semester second grade, or perhaps third grade.

Billy's Friends is from 1965. The book is more ethnically diverse, and the illustrations are also stylized an colorful. This book looks to be a second semester first grade level book. 

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Jocelyn in NZ said...

Oh Stef, what a marvellous blog! I found it through your 2peas siggy, and I would just love to visit your home - it must be fascinating. I wonder how much you have out on display and how much you have hidden away, waiting for its turn in the limelight.