Thursday, June 14, 2012

COLLECTION #252: Mixing Bowls

Oh, how I love mixing bowls! Old ones, new ones, white ones, pink ones. I love them solid colors, and I love them with a little decoration. I don't care if they're from Target, or if they're Pyrex or Franciscan. (Ok, I love the vintage ones a little more!) Mixing bowls make me happy. I love that they are used for mostly fun things: making cakes and brownies, mixing egg salad or meatloaf.

For Christmas 1977, my sister Lynne gave me a beautiful, heavy white mixing bowl. It seemed an odd gift for a single girl who didn't like to cook or bake, but I immediately feel in love with the feel of the bowl. Simple in design, heavy in construction, I still have it, and use it often, although there's a hairline crack that runs through it, and technically I should probably retire it. But, I love it so!

I inherited several lovely bowls from my Grandma. When Bruce and I were married in 1978, we ended up buying my grandparent's house from the family. With most of the goodies still there. I got Grandma's 1950s Pyrex mixing bowls (in pink and green), and my favorite of all, a small yellow pottery bowl. This is probably my most cherished mixing bowl. It's the one I always use when I make corn bread. (Ok, I'll admit, I use Jiffy Corn Bread mix, and it's just the perfect size for one box of Jiffy.) I don't know what brand that bowl is, but it's awesome. I suppose I should do a little research to find out who made it. My guess is that it's from the 1940s.

My favorite little yellow mixing bowl.
We received a set of Pyrex mixing bowls for a wedding gift, and they still look great. It's not my favorite pattern, but it's held up well, and you can't beat Pyrex for making a long-lasting, quality product.

Some of my modern bowls are fun too. I absolutely adore the retro-looking set of blue bowls with their creamy yellow insides. I also love the newer white bowls with the blue rims or stripes.

When Bruce and I inherited his Mom's set of Desert Rose Franciscan Ware a few years ago, the piece that made my heart beat faster, was the small mixing bowl. There's just something sweet about the shape, the color, the patina of the pottery. And, the pattern is just my favorite.

Small Desert Rose mixing bowl by Franciscan

Do you love mixing bowls too? I'd love it if you'd share your favorite with me!

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Jamie Velez said...

Love the mixing bowl collection. I'm a huge collector of a bunch of different items, so this really appeals to me. I love that you're not really particular and just love them all, new and old, sold and patterned.