Thursday, June 28, 2012

COLLECTION #262: Vintage Crates

I've been using crates to decorate and display my stuff since my college days, and I still have a few hanging around, that I use regularly. Of course, crates aren't something I really look for today, but they are so fun and useful, I'm glad I still have some old ones left.

The advantages of crates are obvious: they are sturdy and practical, they often have fun graphics of popular beverages or other products, they have holes or handles for easy carrying, and they hold up a lot better than cardboard boxes for long-term storage. They add a lot of character to a display of vintage items, and they add a bit of nostalgia and atmosphere to any decor. In essence, they are practically perfect in every way!

Fun 'shorties'.... crates from Coca Cola and Squirt

A California produce crate, and one from Sparkeeta Beverages, probably from the 1940s.

I've had the Seven-Up crate since about 1971.

This isn't exactly a crate, but is a small wooden box, lined with metal. Probably used for milk bottles or other perishables.

The box above, with the lid closed.

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