Tuesday, June 19, 2012

COLLECTION #255: Barbie!

Sometimes I need to add disclaimers to my collections- because often things appear on my blog pages that are more accidental than deliberate. And today's collection is one of those. I am not a Barbie collector. If I were, I guarantee I would have an awesome collection. On reason is because I worked at Mattel two separate times, and had plenty of opportunity to pick up interesting, rare, and collectible dolls and other items. Also, as a doll and toy designer, I've been around doll collectors for many years, and have seen some pretty amazing dolls that Barbie collectors would drool over. But not me. Honestly, I've not been particularly interested. My only vintage Barbie is my own from my childhood, which I think looks pretty darn good for being over 50 years old! 

If I had to choose one area of interest in the Barbie realm, it would definitely be collecting the early dolls and fashions. They are wonderful, and I love to look at them. But the prices! Oy vey!

As a doll designer, I have quite a library of doll and toy reference books, and I have a few Barbie ones. These books are entirely about Barbie and her friends, I have many more doll books which have Barbie in them, but these are more specialized. I love the volume I have called Art, Design and Barbie, which is full of fun photos, both vintage and modern, and art images of Barbie. It was published in 1995.

From Art, Design and Barbie

I also love my Barbie magazine, The World of Barbie, published in 1964. It's quite collectible, and I can see why. The images, stories, and scenes are pure retro cool! 

I also have a 35th anniversary Barbie, a replica of the very first Barbie, mint in box. I keep it on display in my studio, where it gathers dust, but looks awesome. It's from 1993.

A few years ago, my son and daughter in law gave me this lovely framed Robert Best Barbie fashion illustration. I knew Robert when I worked at Mattel, so it's very special to me:

Enjoy the last few Barbie images! I'd love to hear about your Barbie collections or memories if you'd like to share!

Little Hallmark Christmas ornaments (with one Happy Meal Barbie)

A friend gave me the cool vintage Barbie themos some years ago.

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Anonymous said...

I have a robert best picture almost like the one you have posted. I have # 2149/5000 from his fashion model collection, are the worth anything?