Sunday, June 24, 2012


There's hardly a kitchen in America, and probably the whole world, that doesn't contain at least one piece of Pyrex. For those of you who have been living under a culinary rock, Pyrex is the super durable glass cooking and bakeware developed  by the Corning Company in America, in the early 20th century.  From measuring cups to casserole dishes to mixing bowls to custard cups, Pyrex has simple, classic designs that never go out of style. Many of Pyrex's pieces haven't changed in nearly a century. But other pieces, particularly bowls and casserole dishes, reflected the fashion colors and patterns of the day. 

I have many pieces of Pyrex in my kitchen, including some bowls that we received as a wedding present nearly 34 years ago, and some other older bowls that belonged to my Grandmother. You can see them here. 

When I was Googling Pyrex bowls in preparation for that particular post (I'm good, aren't I?) I came across this wonderful collective blog called, appropriately, Pyrex Collective.  Many Pyrex collectors contribute to the blog, in fact it's so popular that it's spun off two more blogs, Pyrex Collective II and Pyrex Collective III.

Here are some fun entries from the Pyrex Collective, I hope you stop by one or all of the sites to check out the colorful and fun glassware that keeps the world cooking!

Adorable poster designed by Beth Kyle- 100 pieces of Pyrex

Another Kitchen with Pyrex decor

Posters, recipe cards, note cards are some of the fun items you can find on the Pyrex Collective

Original colored Pyrex bowls from the 1940s


Vonlipi said...


Thank you for the vist :)

I always like to hear from new friends !

Tiffany said...

oh gosh, did you know I have a pyrex collection? We recently repainted a hutch, and I now have all my favorite pieces on display. I even weeded out a few not-so-favorite pieces to get rid of. I'm fighting the urge not to go hunting for more (because where would I put it?). And now after browsing the Pyrex Collectives, I'm really wanting more!!!

Barbara said...

That last mixing bowl set is the one I grew up with. I bet Mom still has one or two of them, although they're quite a bit more beat up than the ones in your picture. 60+ years of use will do that to a bowl.

PoppsieJ said...
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Flowercat0523 said...

I have some old Pyrex that belonged to my mom. Looking for interested buyers.