Friday, June 29, 2012

COLLECTION #263: Classic Children's Books

I haven't mentioned it before today, but this is going to be my last regular daily entry on my collector blog. As of tomorrow, my full year of posting all of my fun collections is coming to an end. I never announced that the blog would go for a year, because I never really knew how long I could keep it up. Although I have many more things in my vast collections, the daily uploading and posting has been fun, but very stressful. Rather than starting off complicated, and getting more simplified as the year went by, I found the reverse. When I first started, I posted a photo or two, wrote a nice little paragraph, and that was it. Now I find myself taking many more photos and working a lot harder to make my daily entries more interesting.

What I am going to do is post a special weekend feature tomorrow, June 30. That will be the last Weekend Collector feature. Then, as energy, time, and interest dictates, I will add entries as the spirit moves me. There are still many things that I have, but just haven't gotten the energy to dig them out, clean them off, organize them, and photograph them. So, although I won't be adding to my blog daily, I hope you'll stop by from time to time, to see what I have added. Also, if you subscribe to my blog, you can get notices when I update.

Now, back to the show! Today's collection are some of my children's books, specifically children's classics. Many of these books are award winners: Caldecott, Newbery, Honor Books, etc. Some are just great books that every library should have.  I have one or two from the 19th century, but most of mine date from 1900-1960. A small handful are later. This is just a small portion of my children's library, I picked these because they are especially, well, classic!

From the Biggest Bear, Caldecott Award book from 1953

Two Newbery Award books: Island of the Blue Dolphins (1961), Invincible Louisa (1934)

Other Newbery books: Rascal (Honor book,1964), Caddie Woodlawn (1936), Charlotte's Web (Honor book, 1953) 

Exquisite illustrations: Snow White, illustrated by Nancy Ekholm Burkert, and Kimo, illustrated by Lucille Holling

Late 19th century edition of Swiss Family Robinson

Snow White won a Caldecott Honor Book Award in 1973.

Caldecott Award winning book, Song of the Swallows (1950) and children's classic, James and the Giant Peach.

Captivating illustrations by Robert McClosky, in Homer Price

Adorable illustration from Caldecott Honor Book award winner Wee Gillis, illustrated by Robert Lawson (1939)

These books were all originally published before 1930. (Although most of these are much later editions) You can't get any more 'classic' than many of these books!

Classic book, A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett, charming illustrations by Tasha Tudor. Rascal won a Newbery Honor Book Award in 1964.

The Biggest Bear, and classic, Little House in the Big Woods. Laura Ingalls Wilder won many Newbery Awards for her books, but not for this, her first in the Little House series. I have most of them, including at least one first edition from the 1940s. (The Long Winter, which won a Newbery Honor Book award for 1941) 


Diane said...

I've enjoyed your posts very much since finding your blog several months ago. Best of luck to you! And the book collection is super!

CraveCute said...

These books are wonderful, I have a few of them in my collection as well. I have really enjoyed your blog, but we all need a rest from time to time.

Goldielover said...

I have quite the collection of classic children's books myself. As I grew up in Canada, where British books were just as common as American ones, many of mine are British, like the Swallows and Amazons series, or the Rupert annuals. I do have the Tasha Tudor illustrated versions of A Little Princess and The Secret Garden, but my copy of Little Lord Fauntleroy is an early British edition (c 1920) with the original Reginald Birch illustrations. My oldest kids book would be a late Victorian edition of M. Sherwood's The Fairchild Family. It was given as a Christmas gift to my grandmother in 1902, according to the inscription. I have the exact same boxed set of Grim/Andersen fairy tales as you do.

Goldielover said...

Forgot to mention two of my absolute favourite kid's books - Kate Seredy's The Good Master, and its slightly lesser known sequel, The Singing Tree.