Thursday, February 2, 2012

COLLECTION 156: Valentine Hankies

I love Valentine's Day! I probably spend almost as much time decorating for Valentine's Day as I do for Christmas. (Ok, that's a slight exaggeration... it doesn't take me 3 days to put my Valentines up, but still....)  My favorite way to decorate is to display all of my vintage Valentines and stuff. I've been collecting Valentines for many years, and love the nostalgia of those sweet, or funny, or goofy cards. The fact that most of them were given by and to children makes them even more wonderful.

But my collection today isn't Valentines cards, but vintage hankies. Sewn or printed with hearts and love, they just brighten my day. I love finding a Valentine hankie on my foraging trips, but they seem to be harder and harder to find.

This one truly makes me laugh!
So, from now until Valentine's Day, I will post a different Valentine's collection every day. I hope you enjoy my stuff!

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Postcardy said...

I saw your link on Postcard Collector. I am amazed at all your collections. I will have to go back and look at all of them.

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