Wednesday, February 22, 2012

COLLECTION #170: Vintage Craftsman Sideboard

It's Orphan Wednesday!

I'm not a furniture collector, although I wish I were. Generally, beautiful antique pieces of furniture are out of my price range, and the more affordable shabby pieces, require restoration skills I do not have. (Some day!)

A few years ago, one of my favorite antique malls closed, and had a huge sale- everything 50% off. I didn't go there with the idea that I would buy any furniture, I wasn't looking for large things at all. But then I spotted this lovely small Arts & Crafts style sideboard for only $100, I snapped it up in a minute!

It didn't require anything more than a little dusting and polishing. When I removed the lower drawer to clean the interior, I spotted a handwritten signature and date. It said, it lovely swirly pencil: "Alex Stevenson GPO" and the date, "5th June 1914". I have no idea who Alex Stevenson is, what GPO means, or anything else about him. I don't know the origins or designer of the hutch. It doesn't seem to have been made by one of the established Arts & Crafts furniture manufacturers. My guess it might have been made from a kit.
The drawer pulls are wonderful. They are a rising sun design, and the patina is marvelous. There's a small little drawer in the top (where I keep my vintage matchbooks). It makes a nice platform for some small pots and photos I like to display.  Isn't it beautiful?

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joscelyne cutchens said...

i love it. i love old furniture. I tried to get my husband to buy a church pew the last time we were at the antique mall... he did not go for that.