Sunday, February 19, 2012


I had two collections as a young person, that if I had today, would be worth a gazillion bucks. The first one was my Beatles collection. As a young teen in the '60s, I was nuts for the Beatles. I collected records (many of which I still do have), magazines, buttons, cards, dolls, and other miscellaneous treasures. What took my collection from ordinary to extraordinary (in my eyes), was that I had a pen pal from Scotland in those days, and she occasionally sent me Beatles stuff from the UK that were not available in the US. I put all of my treasures into an old suitcase. It was a cool 40s suitcase with a handle that looked like plastic amber. Awesome! I stashed the suitcase in the storage room in my garage, and wouldn't you know it, sometime when I was away at college, my Dad saw fit to pitch my future wealth in the trash. He never liked the Beatles, anyway. If the collection had been Tommy Dorsey or Benny Goodman, I'd still have that awesome suitcase today.

My other collection was baseball cards. I was the only girl I knew who collected baseball cards back in the early '60s.  I loved baseball. Especially the Dodgers. I bought bubblegum by the boxful to get those cards. I kept them in a shoebox in my closet, just like every other would-be baseball card collector, and like most of them, my Mom pitched them when I wasn't looking. I can still see those cards in my mind: Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Sandy Koufax, Willie Mays, Orlando Cepeda, Ted Kluzewski, Ron Perranoski, Ernie Banks....
My Sandy Koufax autographed card, just to show what a great Dodger fan I was!
I know almost every kid who collected baseball cards, lost those cards. If we all had our cards, then those who collect valuable and rare cards today wouldn't have anything valuable or rare. That's just how it is!

I found a fun blog today about baseball cards. It's actually written by three guys: Ben Henry, Mike Kenny, and Travis Peterson. They share their various baseball cards. Ho hum. But what makes their blog awesome is not the various photos of cards (which are after my time,  and during that 30 year period when I didn't pay a bit of attention to baseball). What makes it awesome is their hilarious writing. It's not even worth my time to pick lots of interesting card images to post here. You just have to read the blog to catch the flavor of their wit.

So, please visit the Baseball Card blog, and see what I mean!

Please read the blog entry about this card...then you'll see why I put my Sandy Koufax photo in.

Why is there a Jim Henson card? You can find out here.

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