Tuesday, February 28, 2012

COLLECTION #174: Vintage Photos of Children Going Places

It's Toy Tuesday! I have in my collection of vintage photos, a few cute ones of kids and their 'big toys', or riding toys. Wagons, pedal vehicles, sleds, velocipedes. I even have a couple from our own family, so I'll add those too!  Sorry, I really don't know much about these photos, except what might have been written on the backs... which isn't much! I'll just let you enjoy the fun!

Love this li'l guy's bloomers, and straw hat!

I don't think I've ever seen a sled wagon, but looks like this one was from Canada!

He must have been the envy of every kid on his block!

I wonder why so unhappy? Maybe it's because they're dressed alike?

Don't let cold weather keep you from having a nice excursion!
According to a note on the back, this car was built by the little girl's grandpa
(Excuse the filter) This is my Mom & her sisters & neighbors, 1918 (Mom is on the left)
They must have just hopped off their tricycle to pose for this photo! These are my sisters.

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