Thursday, February 9, 2012

COLLECTION #161: Valentine Containers

I love heart shapes. I know that's sappy and girly, but I can't help myself. As is the case with many of my collections, I never purposely collected Valentine shaped boxes, bowls and containers. But lo and behold, here they are. Not very old, not very rare or valuable. Not very many. Just nice.

My two favorites are the clear glass candy bowl, and the red leather box. The candy bowl was a wedding present back in 1978, and I've always loved it. The red leather heart-shaped box sits in my studio in a place of honor. I keep some special little treasures in it.

The others are part of my general Valentine's collections, and I set them up this time of year. I love filling the candy dishes with special Valentines treats. Sorry,  none there to share with you right now! Perhaps there will be some Valentine's Dove dark chocolates soon, or perhaps some Hershey's kisses. I'll save you a few!

1 comment:

joscelyne cutchens said...

i love hearts and stars... I think my faves are the red leather and the red/pink ceramic. so sweet :)